Covid Outbreak

This past week we had eight people at Luna Lane who tested positive for Covid. Thankfully, most of these cases are mild, but to have that many down in one week is a bit scary. That's about one-fourth of our membership down with Covid last week, and that does not count all the others who had Covid previously. One thing good that came out of this is it drew us closer together as a fellowship. Luna Lane Chat proved to be a good way to keep up with everyone's condition.

Wendy Has A New Grandchild

I saw this post on Facebook from Wendy: I'm so excited and happy!!! Our grandson arrived this morning at 9 lbs and 1 ounce and 22 inches long! Mathias Gray came into the world the REALLY stubborn way after more than 24 hours of induced labor and a c-section, but Mama and baby both doing well, thank God.

Donna Holst Family Needs Prayers

Sometimes we think we’re having a bad day, until we hear what’s happening to someone else. Today, we should be sending Donna Holst and her family lots of love.
This past week, her husband, John, had to go to the emergency room with high blood pressure.
Matt, her son, who lives in Florida, has developed degenerative disc disease and can’t walk. Doctors were testing him and discovered he has cancer on one of his kidneys.
Also, John’s brother went to the emergency room this week. Mary has been having up and down days with her cancer. Jacque took them some food last week. Remember them!

Sympathy To Judy Cherry

We extend our sympathy to Judy Cherry who recently lost her older sister. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Next Generation

We're busy building the next generation of the Luna Lane Church of Christ. If you're looking for a church home, we hope you'll come and visit us. Our congregation is like family. Come join us. We think Luna Lane will be good for you and we believe you will be good for Luna Lane. Hope to see you soon.